How to break black magic

How to break black magic

The black magic isn’t a simple thing to break and in every religion, various ways have been given to expel the bad effect of black magic.  The first and most important thing you need to take care of is to know whether black magic influencing a man or not or a man is facing the continuous attack of black magic as for the most insidious people perform distinctive sort of assaults on casualty in a steady progression most noticeably awful one.  So first we have to realize that what precisely the casualty is and then we can discover some appropriate answer for the how to break black magic.

How to break black magic- Symptoms you should know to break black magic spells

There are many people who want to remove black magic themselves but where they stuck is how to anticipate whether you are under black magic or not.  If you also want to know how to break black magic from yourself for general knowledge then you should know the symptoms of black magic spells.  For your information, we are listing a few prominent signs of black magic below.

  1. If there is a continuous downfall in your good going business
  2. If your wife is not conceiving a baby and medical reports are normal
  3. If your habits and interest are changing
  4. If your family members always disagree with you
  5. If you hear some unknown voices at night sometimes they call you by your name

We have listed a few symptoms here for a complete list of symptoms and to know how to break black magic you can contact our astrologer.

How to break black magic by Hanuman Chalisa-Guarantee to remove black magic

It is believed in Hindu religion that all the demons and evil powers fear from Lord Hanuman.  Because he is the owner of the asht siddhi and nav Nidhi and is blessed by various high power spiritual deity so today in order to help you we are going to tell you how you can break black magic by Hanuman Chalisa.

  1. But any Hanuman Chalisa book from any book depot in India it is available everywhere and in every language
  2. You can start this process from Tuesday or Saturday, Tuesday is preferable
  3. Take bath early in the morning and place lord Hanuman Pratima in front of you
  4. After offer flowers and sweets to Lord Hanuman
  5. Read Hanuman Chalisa as many times as you can

You will see the results from day 1 and if black magic effect is on someone else then take a glass of water and keep it in front of you while reading Hanuman Chalisa after completion blow out air from your mouth into the glass containing water and give it to that person who is suffering from black magic effect.  We have tried our best to tell you how to break black magic at home using Hanuman Mantra.  But if you still have any query you can contact our astrologer expertise in to break black magic.  Please note that you have to receive initiation from our experts if you want to break black magic using Hinduism god power as without initiation black magic effect will not remove.

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