Love spells to get love back

Love spells to get love back

Love Magic is very strong. It is because love between people can produce strong emotions and energies. Be aware, that when you practice love magic spell to get love back, you have to take responsibility for what you want and what you do. Because Be aware, that what you wish to others will come back to you, even stronger than what you have sent before. In love magic, only positive action will attain positive outcome to bring positive results but with the help of our Bring back my ex love spell for free. You can get your lost love back. Therefore, we recommend you love spells to get love back but to ask yourself before you decide to use magic:”Why do I want that partner? How deep is my love? Is it real love or just physical attraction?” Love gives the partner freedom, thinks about his/her well being and happiness and doesn’t need to change him/her.

Help me by free love spells to bring back a lover and simple spells to bring back a lover or Love spells to get love back !

The best time to do this spell (and generally all love magic spells) is Friday. It is the day of Venus, Goddess of Love. Her colour is green, so this is the best Colour to use. Many people unconsciously connect love to red colour. For this reason, you should use the colour, which represents love to you.We will help you by this free love spells to bring back a lover. For the ritual you need a long silk string. As we wrote before, it could have green or red colour. Which one you choose, depends on how you feel it. The string should be nice, new and clean, because it represents your desire. Don’t use something you found in a wardrobe! Better buy a new one.

Focus properly on what you want. Calm down in meditation and then visualize your desire. For the purpose of love spells to get love back. The visualization should be in a positive way, how happy would be your relationship, how happily you live with the partner. Thoughts of sadness or desperate thoughts cannot intrude! Such state of mind and attitude will destroy all of your effort and your ritual won’t work. Negative thoughts and fear can even amplify, what you don’t want!

Then say this formula out loud and while you are saying it, bind one knot tightly on the string:

“In the name of Erzulia, Maria Magdalena, Shiva and Venus, deities of love, I am binding the love of my dreams to me. I live with [XY] in love, understanding and harmony. I thank the God’s love for accomplishment and power. I am a good partner to [XY]. So it is, so it is happening!”

This has to be repeated 6 more times! Then burn the string together with sandal-wood in a fireproof pot. After the burning, when the ash is cool, bury it in a park or a forest, somewhere under a nice and strong tree.It is one of the simple spell to bring back a lover.

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